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Coronavirus - Information from the Ministry of Education

Posted on 28 January 2020

Kia ora Silverdale community,

As you are probably well aware from the media, the situation concerning the coronavirus is developing.  This is a new virus and its specific nature is currently unclear, however it appears that you can have the virus at an early stage and not be showing any symptoms.  This incubation period is currently considered to be 14 days.

The Ministry of Education has issued a statement and have asked that this information be communicated with our school community: 

  • As always anyone who is unwell should not be at school or at their early learning service. If you have a particular concern about your child, you are encouraged to contact Healthline at 0800 611 116 or your GP for medical advice. Healthline has translators and interpreters available 24/7 in 150 languages and they do have Mandarin and Cantonese speaking staff available.
  • If a student still attends school while showing symptoms the Principal of a state school can preclude them if they believe on reasonable grounds they may have a communicable disease (Section 19 Education Act). The student has to stay away for the infectious period of the specific disease. For private schools, Section 19 of the Education Act does not apply. Principals can request that a student with an infectious disease or is suspected of having an infectious disease, does not attend.
  •  Please keep an eye on our website, as we will be updating this as new information is received.

Iona Holsted

Secretary for Education


Other useful information

You can also contact your local District Health Board if you require further information – Public Health Unit Contacts 

Current travel information – please do continue to refer to the Ministry of Health’s information page on their website.  It will be updated as new information comes to hand. Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) guidance – Ministry of Health website



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