Silverdale Normal School

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Making a Positive Difference

Silverdale Normal School Learner

We believe that whilst our world is changing in unprecedented ways, the dispositions that our learners need for success in their lives are clear. The Silverdale Learner Puzzle Pieces were created by our community and provide us with the vision of our lifelong learner. These dimensions are inherent in the daily life in the classroom and are explicitly coached by teachers.


Being Connected

Learning at Silverdale Normal is based upon forming effective relationships where respect is at the centre of every action.

Taking Action

We encourage our students to be in charge of their learning by continually setting goals in all aspects of school life.

Hauora / Wellbeing

We believe in giving our students extensive opportunities to develop their overall well-being through our classroom programmes.

Taking Action

We support our learners to utilise what they have learnt and to make a positive difference in their class, their school or their community.