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Home Learning at Silverdale Normal School

Welcome to the Home Learning area of our website!

Since the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic, we have all found ourselves in a position to do things differently - we’ve become masters of change and flexibility!

As we head into this new phase where Omicron is active in our communities, schools have also had to further develop and change how we offer distance learning. With the new self-isolation rules now in effect, whole classes are no longer moving to a distance programme - but now it is individual students and families who need distance learning support when required to isolate. So in any classroom around the school, there could be a mixture of students learning from home or on-site.  We need a distance learning system that provides opportunities for all of these students and that takes into account that students will be coming in and out of the distance programme at varying times. 

In creating our distance learning programme, we have considered:

  • Community feedback - including hearing from whānau, staff and learners

  • Diverse family situations in our community - e.g. adults also working from home, essential workers, availability of digital technology

  • Learner / whānau / teacher wellbeing

  • Whole class focus for distance programme (rather than individual needs)

  • Workload and additional pressures on all 

Distance learning key philosophy:

Keeping learners connected to their class - friends, teachers and learning

Provide balance of screen based, hands-on doing activities

Encourage creativity, talk and exploration

Independent as much as possible - enabling caregivers to balance their responsibilities and family illness

What distance learning looks like at Silverdale:

School Website

Learning Grids for your child’s syndicate: 

Grid A for your first week, Grid B if you are home longer. Hands-on activities and digital links for learning. 

Learning Links: Find a compilation of links to useful learning sites that support home learning.  


Posts showing learning going on in the class.

Hard Copy

Curriculum levelled Homework Books.

Material designed to be completed independently- may be different from current year level.  

If you need this material, please get in touch with the school office: 

Weekly Learning Grids

These have been developed by our teachers to provide learning activities that students at all levels will be able to access. There is a mix of independent activities and some that will require support from an adult. We have made these grids with a balance of screen related learning and hands-on activities. There are two learning grids per team (Junior, Middle and Senior) which contain enough activities and ideas for up to 2 weeks of isolation time. A suggestion is to use Grid A for the first week of isolation, then Grid B if your time in isolation continues.

Grids can be downloaded by visiting our school website: 

We have also compiled several learning based websites that can be found here.

Hard Copy Learning Material 

We have a range of curriculum levelled learning resources that we are able to distribute. These could include Homework books or school developed and printed resources. The purpose of these resources is to provide tasks that can be completed reasonably independently by your child. The level of difficulty of the material will not reflect where they are learning in class. 

If you require hard copy learning material, please request this by contacting the school office:

For Middle and Senior students - if you need to borrow a school chromebook while you are in isolation, please contact

Seesaw posts

Seesaw is a great tool for communication between home and school.


Every week on your child’s Seesaw feed, you will see posts of learning that has been going on in the classroom. This is designed to keep you and your child connected with what is happening while they are at home so they feel more “in the loop” and ready to jump back in when they arrive back at school.

Seesaw Family app (download here: iOS / Android or sign in from a computer here)

For parents / caregivers

Access to students learning journal / connecting with teacher / receiving school notices / announcements

For any questions or additional support with the distance learning programme, please either contact your child’s teacher (email addresses can be found here) or 


Throughout the pandemic, the key focus for us as a school has been the wellbeing of our community. We understand that there can be significant pressures, change and situations of uncertainty affecting our families that can impact on their wellbeing. Rather than adding another element of stress, we have hoped to provide opportunities to engage you and your children in activities that bring you together, engage in talk and share in learning and experiences. 

We want you to know there is no pressure to complete any of the distance learning tasks and activities - these are not assessed pieces of work. They are there to support you and your families as you manage through your isolation time. There is no pressure to complete any of the learning tasks if your child is unwell or it is unmanageable, however the options provided will support their progress if they need to isolate and after previous lockdowns where students missed significant amounts of school, we have designed these options to optimise the opportunities for learning at home. 

We also want you to know that we are here for you. If you need anything, please get in touch with us.

Helpful links / videos

MOE Information for Parents and Whānau: Distance Learning:

Home Learning | Papa Kāinga TV

Home Learning | Papa Kāinga TV started education broadcasting in 2020 when we first found ourselves in Lockdown. 

Content is grouped for early learners and students by age range, and includes play, literacy, mathematics, science, te reo Māori, physical education and wellbeing. All of the programmes  feature highly experienced teachers and presenters, along with wellbeing and movement experts.

You can access this through the TVNZ On Demand website here:

Some files that could be useful

How To_ Home Learning with Seesaw One Pager for Students-2.pdf

Writing at home.docx

Literacy Learning At Home.pdf