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Home Learning at Silverdale Normal School

Welcome to the Home Learning area of our website!

This is no doubt a very different time for you and your families. We know that many in our community have different pressures, circumstances and could be experiencing stress and uncertainty. I want to remind you that despite the tasks and learning experience ideas contained on this site, the most important thing at the moment is the hauora and wellbeing of your children. Having quality time with your whānau is key. The Mental Health Foundation's 5 daily mental health practises are:

  • Connect. Talk and listen to each other, build relationships with those around you.
  • Give. Your time, your words, your presence; do something nice for someone.
  • Take Notice. Be curious.
  • Keep Learning. Embrace new experiences, see opportunities, surprise yourself.
  • Be Active. Do what you can; enjoy what you do; move your mood.

What this could look like for you and your child:

  • Updates via email, school app, Seesaw
  • Teachers and Leadership team available from 9 - 3 daily for support
  • Regular connections with classroom teacher
  • Seesaw learning opportunities posted, feedback from teachers
  • Matrix of activities that link with learning focus and have a balance of online / physical activities
  • Zoom / Google Hangout sessions where children can connect with teachers and learners
  • Website updated with helpful links and learning ideas

Home Learning | Papa Kāinga TV

Home Learning | Papa Kāinga TV started education broadcasting for early learners and students in Years 1–10 from 9am today (Wednesday 15 April), with Māori Television launching te reo educational programmes on the same day.

Home Learning | Papa Kāinga TV will be free to air, on TVNZ channel 2+1 and on TVNZ on Demand, as well as on Sky Channel 502. It will run from 9am to 3pm on schooldays with programming for children and young people, as well as for parents.

Content will be grouped for early learners and students by age range, and will include play, literacy, mathematics, science, te reo Māori, physical education and wellbeing. All of the programmes will feature highly experienced teachers and presenters, along with wellbeing and movement experts.

The Minister will be announcing the presenters and programme schedule later today, after which the MOE will publish the information on their Learning from Home website ( Check the updates page of the site for daily programming information.

Freeview TV listing

Some files that could be useful

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