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Silverdale PTG News

Our current fundraising focus is to purchase some dual basketball/netball hoops for the courts by rooms 14 and 15. We have several fundraisers coming up for that..

  • Raffle - We will be running a raffle to raise money for the basketball hoops. Ticket sheets should have come home earlier in the week. If you can, please sell tickets to family and friends. The raffle will be drawn at the disco.

  • Disco: Friday, 26th March, 5.00 - 7.00pm 

  • “Hoops for Hoops” Mamas Donut Fundraiser 1 April. We will be selling Mamas donuts by preorder, for pickup Thursday, 1 April. Order forms to come home soon.

  • SchoolPickUp - This is a new way for us to fundraise. It's an online shopping platform, where 50% of profits come back to the school. There are heaps of items for sale on here, so check it out.

  • Friday Iceblocks: We will be selling iceblocks ($1.00) and juicies ($1.50) every Friday in Term 1, after school, under the big tree by the office.

The Parent Teacher Group (PTG) is a group of parents and teachers that work to create fun events for the kids and fundraise for the school. We always welcome new members - we’d love to see some new faces at our meetings. If you can’t commit to meetings but would like to help out at events, please let us know. We especially need parents that can help out during the day occasionally.